Top Five Flagship Budget Smartphones in the UK

Even as top handsets such as the iPhone 6S and Galaxy S7 rock the headlines in media all over the world, the market is also bullish with diverse budget smartphones. Whether you think paying over £500 for a smartphone is too much or you are financially pressed, here are our top 5 under £200 flagship budget smartphones that are worth looking at.

  • The Moto G4

Motorola has done awesome upgrades on the Moto G to make the Moto G4 the best budget smartphone you can buy today. Unlike the Motor G, the Moto G4 has an impressive 5.5 full HD screen, RAM of 2GB, and operates on Snapdragon 617 that makes it extremely fast. It also features a very strong rear camera of 13 MP and a 3000mAh battery. However, the smartphone lacks NFC and Motor Maker options that are common with other top models.


  • OnePlus X

While OnePlus surprised everybody with its entry into the smartphone market last year, the new OnePlus X is even more enthralling. It operates on Android 5.1 and has a very bright 5-inch screen. By utilizing Snapdragon 801 and a very large memory of 3GB, the manufacturer has ensured that the smartphone is fast enough so that you can even enjoy gaming. The phone has been rated the same level with the Motorola G4 with the main difference being the processor. The main problem with the OnePlus X is that it is not easy to get and the charging system is very slow.

  • LG X Screen

LG has once again amazed the budget smartphone market with this masterpiece for less than £200. It is the only smartphone that comes with an always-on display in the budget category. This smartphone operates on the Android 6 operating system, has a RAM of 2 GB and Snapdragon 410 processor. It also features a sizeable display of 4.93 inches and a large internal storage of 16GB. However, this smartphone has a very poor front camera and the casing is made of fake metal.

  • BQ Aquaris M4.5

Though many people might not know a lot about BQ, their Aquaris M4.5 is among the best budget phones you can get under £200. The company is relatively small but sailing in the right direction with great smartphones. The Aquaris M4.5 has a bright 4.5inches screen that is very impressive though not Full-HD. It is very light and operates on Android 5.1 and a MediaTek MT6735M processor that is quite impressive. Other features include a 2GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, and an impressive battery of 2470mAh. However, both cameras are very poor and it does not have Gorilla screen.

  • Microsoft Lumia 650

The latest budget phone from Microsoft that has made everybody accept that the company is set to cut a bigger market share is the Lumia 650. It features a 5inch display and operates on Windows 10 Mobile operating system. It has a Snapdragon 212 processor, 2GB of RAM and internal memory of 16GB. Despite its slow processor and poor camera, this is a great piece for people who cherish Windows Phone handsets.