How to Pick the Best Budget Smartphone

If you want to get a smartphone, rest assured that there are top pieces on the market that have enthralling features that guarantee a great experience and value for money. However, you have to accept that some features common with top end phones will be missing in the budget smartphones. To be sure of getting and enjoying the best budget smartphones, here are some useful tips you can use.

  • The Hardware
  • Processor: Today many budget smartphones have processors similar to what is used in top end phones. The processor should be fast enough and be supported by a large memory of over 2GB. Suitable processors to consider for a budget smartphone include Snapdragon 801, Snapdragon 410, MediaTek MT6735M, and Snapdragon 212 among others.
  • Battery Life: A good smartphone should have a battery that can last for a long time without dying. The battery should allow you to make calls, browse and game the entire day before recharging. Notably, because budget phones come with lower resolution screens and other features that take less power, you can even enjoy longer battery life compared to top end phones. A good battery should be over 2000mAh.
  • The screen: There are two things to factor when checking on a smartphone screen; resolution and brightness. As screen sizes keep increasing, icons and texts of low resolution can appear awkward and blocky. Though higher is always better, consider a minimum resolution of 1280×720 on a 5inches screen. Besides, there are even budget phones that are full-HD. Make sure that the screen is bright and of higher quality to avoid straining when reading a text.
  • Camera: Phone cameras have become very critical and indeed the defining features for most smartphones in the market today. With a good camera, you are sure of capturing great photos on holiday, event pictures, corporate videos, and even close-up product pictures. Today, there are great budget smartphones with rear cameras of over 10 megapixels. Remember that the front cameras have equally become imperative because everybody wants to get perfect selfies. Therefore, do not go for anything less than 3 Mp for the front camera when spending over £100 on a smartphone.
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  • Software

The software that runs any smartphone is a crucial determinant of its effectiveness. Many budget smartphones run on Android or the Windows Phone operating system. Though Android is always better, many are the manufacturers who modify it and embed additional interfaces. This means that such smartphones get late updates or sometimes not at all. Though modified Android could add some great features, they often make the phones sluggish and at times unresponsive. However, smartphones that use plain Android tend to be faster and get updates regularly. Examples of smartphones with plain Android include Motorola phones and Google Nexus.

While many people have held the view that budget smartphones are of poorer quality, the argument does not hold today. Make sure to review the budget smartphones in the market to compare their hardware and software before picking your choice. Remember that you could enjoy even top of the range smartphones at lower rates by purchasing direct from the manufacturer or selecting those locked to a particular network.