A Comprehensive Guide to Caring for Your Smartphone Battery

When you have some field work to complete, assignment to follow, or other tasks that require your smartphone to keep running for a long time, a dying battery can be a real problem. However, the fact is that no battery can last forever! To stay powered up, keep the battery and smartphone safe, and enjoy your device more. Here is a comprehensive guide to caring for your phone battery.


  • Always take a spare charger that does not require connection to the mains

While your approved charger is the best for wall charging, you must be prepared when going to areas away from a power source. Technology has advanced a lot and you can charge the smartphone from a mobile pack or mobile power station. This supplies the smartphone with extra power until you can get home and charge as per normal.

  • Always keep the battery as cool as possible

One of the things that can easily damage your smartphone battery is high temperatures. If the battery is heated to over 95 degrees F, the process of wear and tear is accelerated and battery life reduced drastically. To maintain low temperatures, make sure that all the power plugs are kept clean, limit usage in open weather, and avoid placing the phone on hot objects. Besides, you should always charge the smartphone using the right charger and avoid leaving it on power when not in the room or going to sleep.

  • Discharge the battery once a month

Because of continued use and regular recharge before the battery is empty, there is a risk of some cells becoming redundant. By discharging at least once in a month, all the cells in the battery will be emptied to reinvigorate their full potential. The battery life will therefore be extended so that you can enjoy working for longer hours even when away from the mains. After the discharge, make sure to charge the battery to 100%.

  • Power cycle the smartphone every 48 hours

Most smartphones are programmed to maintain basic operations even when you are not using them. They nap to ensure that everything is running while turning off some features that take a lot of power such as the screen. However, many applications are hidden and could keep draining the smartphone power and finally exhaust it. Therefore, it is advisable to power cycle the smartphone every 48 hours. A power cycle reboots the smartphone and keeps it off for about 30 seconds before restarting. This way, all the applications that were running without your knowledge in the background will stop.


  • Turn off applications that use a lot of power

When you want the smartphone battery to last longer, identify the applications that take a lot of power and turn them off. For example, Wi-Fi drains a lot of power because it keeps searching for signal. Other applications to disable include USB and message notifications. Instead of getting notifications every moment that an email comes, you can set such alerts to come every 15-30 minutes. Remember only to turn off the applications that you are not using at that particular moment.