Pick Your Best Contract Phone No Matter Your Credit

Have you tried to get a contract phone but failed because of a low credit score? The fact is that people go through tough times and some things that are out of control can bring about bad credit. The main reason why mobile phone companies do not enter into contracts with clients having poor credit is the level of risk. People with bad credit are viewed as high-risk entities and mobile companies believe they might lose money by bringing them onboard.

How to get a phone contract with bad credit

The best way to get a contract phone is by trying to lower the risk you pose to the mobile phone companies. You can do this by checking with good dealers like PhonesWorld that are highly committed to ensuring everybody has a good phone to connect, work, and enjoy every moment. Here is an account of how to get phone contract with a low credit score.

  • Compare available mobile handsets

The beginning point when looking for a phone contract with bad credit is comparing available handsets. You will need to forego those phones with top end features because they are very costly. There are many budget smartphones with lovely features you can select to keep the risk that the mobile phone company takes as low as possible.

  • Pay some deposit

When struggling with bad credit, some mobile phone companies will allow you to pick the contract phone of choice if you pay some money upfront. This reduces the remaining burden for the buyer and lowers the level of risk for the phone company. This method is among the most effective when seeking a phone contract even with a poor credit score.


  • Go for SIM Only Contracts

The biggest concerns for mobile phone companies when a client with bad credit applies for phone contract is the cost of handsets. Because of this, you can opt to go for a SIM only contract that does not include a handset. The cost and risk involved here are low, and many companies will approve the contract. However, you will have to buy your handset separately. You can check for budget smartphones from top dealers such as PhonesWorld or buy used smartphones at lower rates. With a SIM contract, you can start improving your credit score until it reaches the point at which you can get an upgraded phone.

  • Liaise with the network company directly

Because different companies have varying policies on approving phone contracts for people with bad credit, it is advisable to check with them directly. Reach the customer service representatives and you will be surprised they are more flexible compared to applying online.


Causes of poor credit score

If you are declined a bad credit contract phone, you should know that it is only you who can change the situation by improving your credit rating. First, make sure to know the cause of poor credit scores and then work on improving it.

  • Bad credit history: Check for missed payments, delayed payments, and IVA’s. These can damage your credit score for a long time but will go away after you begin making payments.
  • Poor continuity: If you keep moving, changing jobs, or stay out of employment for long, the credit score goes down. Consider getting a permanent residence and update your bank, insurance, and other institutions immediately you make a shift.
  • Lack of a bank account or credit card: If you lack a bank account, the score will be very low and no company will accept a contract with you because there is no method of paying monthly commitments.