What to Look for When Buying a Budget Smartphone for seniors

Over 50% of elderly people beyond 75 years live alone in the UK. Rthe smartphone market was thrown into a frenzy when Swedish phone manufacturer announced they would make a perfect budget smartphone for grannies. They are yet to meet their promise. This brings about the question; what is the ideal budget smartphone for a senior? The following are the top five things to consider when shopping for a budget smartphone for granny.

Large buttons:  Many smartphones on the market today only feature a single call button that is often very small. Though this is okay with many users, it can be problematic with seniors. The best phones for seniors should have large buttons so that even those who have shaky hands can use them. This should not simply apply to the call button alone, but to all buttons. For example, the numbers should be large enough so that even a senior with eyesight problems can still be able to see and use them easily.


Numbers with images for easier identification: Many are the times when elderly people suffer from memory loss because of their age. Because of this, they might find it difficult to remember numbers saved in the smartphone. Therefore, check for budget smartphones that bring numbers together with images for easier identification. Besides, the phone should allow the user to simply tap the image when making a call. Many smartphones have this customization though you will need to follow some procedures to set them up.

GPS-enabled: Whether your granny/grandpa lives in the countryside, elderly care centre or somewhere else, you will want to keep checking his/her whereabouts regularly. The phone should, therefore, be GPS enabled for easier tracking at all times.

Longer battery life: As your granny/grandpa ages, the chances are that he/she will keep forgetting to recharge the phone. The best budget smartphone should have a good battery with a very long battery life. Because you do not expect them to keep downloading music and other things that require a lot of power, the battery should be able to last for a few days.

Loud and clear sound: Just like their fading eyesight, many seniors also suffer from hearing loss. The budget smartphone you pick should have loud, clear sound to enable them to differentiate who is calling and get the message appropriately. While most of the smartphones in the market have adjustable loudspeakers, you will need to review them and pick the one with the clearest sounds.


The baseline to a great budget smartphone for seniors is simplicity. Every feature should be easy to access and use. In addition to other common features, the smartphone should come with an easy to access assistance button. This can be of great help in case the senior wants assistance when you are away or maybe even during the middle of the night.